Larry Corio

Larry Corio

Associate Director, ASU Learning Transformation Studios

Larry Corio serves as Associate Director of the Learning Transformation Studios, where he drives stakeholder engagement, partnership design, and program acceleration.

Larry brings more than 15 years of experience leading learning and evaluation alongside equity-centered organizations and communities to drive and assess the impact they’re trying to create in the world. Prior to ASU, Larry directed impact measurement at global design firm IDEO, where he helped partners reimagine the tools and principles they use to define “successful design.” He is most energized when supporting diverse and complex organizations to better articulate their vision for the future, the paths they might take to get there, and how they can responsibly and relevantly assess their progress.

Having begun his career as a high school educator in Los Angeles, Larry is relentlessly interested in the power of young people, community-driven innovation, and human-centered design. Since then, he has worked as a researcher and program evaluator for the Institute of International Education, the University of California system, and IDEO’s Learning and Organizational Transformation practices. Larry has published studies and spoken internationally about educator preparation and professional learning programs, impact measurement, and the role of design in K-12 and higher education.

Beyond the Studios, he is inspired by novel data visualizations, co-designing with communities, New York Times crossword puzzles, and impromptu road trips to the mountains with his partner and two children.