Insights on Engagement & Digital Learning: Drivers for Innovation in Education

Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, spoke about the importance of digital learning in education at the Center EDGE Inaugural Launch event in May.

“After 15 years and over 5.4 million surveys, our students have a very different set of lenses that they are using to think about learning,” explained Evans.

These lenses include an interest in growing creativity, personalization, better results and community through technology.

“The students want learning that is socially based, untethered from the restrictions or limitations on the resources in their community and their school,” Evans elaborated.

Evans also elaborated about the importance of specialized learning. Education is multi-generational, with students from different groups preferring different approaches and levels of technological integration.

“We can’t paint with one brush and say all the students have the same perception of what they need,” Evans explained.

Evans concluded the speech by stressing the importance of continuing to keep learning and adapting to students’ needs within the classroom.