Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho

ASU Learning Transformation Studios Host the LAUSD Board of Education and Senior Leadership at the ASU California Center Broadway

LAUSD Leadership and Board Retreat focuses on the district's "Relentless Personal Commitment" to its students.

Elected members of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education joined with the district's Superintendent and senior leadership at the ASU California Center Broadway on November 27, 2023, for a daylong series of discussions, presentations, and workshops designed to strengthen the country's second-largest school district's commitment to preparing students to be ready for the world.

Alan Arkatov and Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho

Alan Arkatov, Executive Director of the ASU Learning Transformation Studios and Senior Advisor to ASU President Dr. Michael Crow, welcomed the guests to the former home of the Herald Examiner newspaper, now one of two ASU campuses in downtown Los Angeles.

Arkatov explained that he grew up attending public schools in the LAUSD and was grateful to be playing host to the vital convening of education leaders.

"The district has made a profound difference in my life," said Arkatov. "I can genuinely say my time in the district set me up for success, and now I get to give back to an organization that gave me so much. That is why the ASU Learning Transformation Studios is here. We are here to help you and bring the resources of America's largest and most innovative university to you."

Alan Arkatov

Arkatov highlighted some recent examples of ASU partnerships with LAUSD. These include hosting more than 100 LAUSD students at ASU California Center Broadway for a journalism forum where the students heard from working journalists, including an ASU alumna, in addition to demos of ASU production facilities. ASU Learning Transformation Studios is also working with the district's leadership on a series of innovative initiatives that can provide educators and students the programs, resources, and content they need to quickly address the rapidly shifting education landscape.

In his opening address, LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho spoke about the district's progress and how he's never been part of an educational organization that cares so much for their students, families, and staff. While he acknowledged that there is still work to do, he said he is confident they will meet their goals without leaving anyone behind.

"We don't abandon human rights, equity, and inclusion for the sake of academic achievement," said Carvalho. "No, you don't elevate performance by excluding some. It is much tougher to improve performance and ensure inclusivity. But that's exactly what this board in this district does—every single day."

Elected members of Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education

In addition to the sessions, Dulce Vasquez, ASU Assistant Vice President of Strategic Advancement in the Office of University Affairs, took the Board Members and the Superintendent on a tour of the historic Herald Examiner building. The group delved into the site's history, learning about its significant role in journalism and architecture in Los Angeles. The tour culminated with a demonstration of The Sidney Poitier New American Film School's new, state-of-the-art virtual set. ASU is one of only a handful of academic institutions to offer this kind of virtual-production technology with extremely high-resolution LED wall and floor screens to its students.

A significant part of the day's discussions focused on providing LAUSD students access to diverse learning tools, such as those in the California Center. The group also worked on better preparing students for their future, and the LAUSD staff shared progress on the district's Strategic Plan goals, discussing strategies to accelerate learning for all students.