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ASU takes on media literacy


Why it matters

Democracy only works when people can tell facts from fiction and make educated decisions based on accurate information. To make informed choices, students must learn how to access, analyze, and evaluate the vast amount of information they receive. So, ASU is putting all its academic might behind an initiative to reshape how media literacy is taught and consumed.


The big picture:


The problem:


For years, media literacy education and research have been the purview of communications and journalism schools. As a result, we have fantastic experts on the subject but little experience translating their knowledge into a curriculum for the little ones (K-5). By the time students reach high school, they are already stuck in their media consumption ways and have been subjected to thousands of unhealthy and inaccurate media messages.

Our approach:


ASU is tapping into the expertise of each of its colleges and bringing together these different disciplines to tackle this growing problem. How can we teach critical thinking and media literacy to students of all ages and backgrounds and make it as essential to the curriculum as teaching literacy and mathematics?

Want to help:


Have an idea to share? Want to be a part of this effort? Let us know what you’re thinking. This effort will take all of us, and we’d love to hear your ideas, suggestions and learn how you’d like to help us move the needle on this threat to our democracy and the wellbeing of our students.

Yours in innovation,